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Trewin / Private Limited Company

About our

The company was set up in the middle of 2016 with the visionary idea of simplifying complexity, improving people’s daily operations, contributing to the bridging of the digital divide and improving existing digital open source solutions through a system integration of ideas and processes.


The investor is driven by the firm belief that innovation aimed to improve people lives should not to be based on new equipment (only) but on new processes and in quick-to-implement low cost solutions which adapt, integrate and connect with the existing technological “commodities”.


Trewin develops feasible, accessible and agile solutions aimed at bettering the lives of people in multiple occurrences. The company’s expertise lies in generating new promising concepts based on modern opportunities.

About the


Trewin srl is a private Limited Company settled up in the middle of 2016 incorporated in Italy, headquartered in Rome and with operational basis in Genoa.


Trewin srl is owned 100% by WTRUST, which at present time is acting as direct investor.


WTRUST is a private investing company which is owned by an entrepreneur with relevant experience in international deals and in system integration Projects.


Trewin, involve several people with high professional skills in order to bring the necessary added value to each project identifying the needs of our customers in the different reference markets and offering customized solutions.


From such a combination of experience, entrepreneurship, skills and dreams, along with the implementation of a flexible business model Trewin, with the support of TLC Web Solutions, is today concentrating its efforts in designing and setting up new innovative business opportunities designed to be useful and adaptable to both public and private sectors in different countries.


Trewin remains open to the participation of additional stakeholders in getting some of those to life.

Head Office
Via Ombrone 2G  00198 Rome – Italy
Operation Office
Via Bombrini 13/10 16149 Genoa – Italy

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